Cold Blooded

Cold Blooded, A Sam Larkin mysteryA firestorm between environmentalists and miners ignites over an endangered lizard, leaving local herpetologist Ben Delacroix dead. Law enforcement’s favorite suspect is none other than Sam’s sister, who is accused of having an affair with the victim. Sam agrees to help Vanessa despite having problems of her own, not the least of which is losing her job—and potentially Eddie. As Sam probes into the lives of those who wanted Ben dead, she confronts their coldblooded machinations and risks becoming victim number two.


Half Life  

Half Life, A Sam Larkin MysteryWhen Desert Rock’s mayor volunteers the town to be a radioactive waste dump, tempers ignite. Then protestor Pete Castillo disappears and his sister Gabby cries murder. Writer and amateur sleuth Sam Larkin gets pulled into the turmoil by her best friend Eddie, who convinces her to investigate—on behalf of Gabby, who just happens to be his ex. As Sam reluctantly works the case, she confronts suspects whose toxic relationships reveal dangerous ideas about love. Before long, Sam asks one too many questions and finds herself in the crosshairs.


Wicked Wind

Wicked WindWise-cracking writer Sam Larkin moves back home to Desert Rock after her mother’s death—and immediately regrets it. She longs to return to the big city, far away from the brutal heat, her bickering siblings, and her mother’s ghost. Instead, when the owner of the controversial wind farm she is researching turns up dead, Sam finds herself at the frontline of a war between environmentalists, developers, and the victim’s dysfunctional family. Never one to let a wrong go un-righted, Sam pursues the killer and comes face to face with pure evil . . . and risks becoming the next victim.







Stock photo credits: Drought © Anton Prado | Rusting car submerged in sand © cultura2 | Western Chuckwalla lizard © Sebastien Fremont
Death Valley Warning © AxelL | Police Investigation © Chisnikov | Lizard Bearded Dragon aka Sandfire, focused on eyes © lipowski —